2013-cargo-theft-loadsAccording to FreightWatch International, cargo thefts are rising.  In 2013, there were an all-time high of 951 cargo thefts.  Of those, 692 were full truckload or container thefts.

That means almost every day, 2 truckers have the unpleasant situation of reporting their entire cargo has gone missing.

Overdrive Online published these tips on how to protect yourself and what to do if you are hijacked.

Tips to protect you and your cargo

  1. 2013-cargo-theft-typeUse your surroundings to your advantage.  Try to find populated, well-lit areas to stop at.
  2. Watch what you say.  This includes CB chatter and what you post on social media.  If you have a valuable load, be sure thieves can and will check your public posts to figure out where you are and when you’ll be stopping.
  3. Be aware.  Always be conscious of what’s going on around you.  One of the biggest ways thieves steal your cargo is by “deceptive pickup.”  If the guy you meet to drop off your load seems fishy, take the time to make sure he’s who you’re supposed to meet.
  4. If you’re being followed, try to make sure first.  Change lanes to see if he does.  Get off at a random exit to see if he follows.  If you’re confident you’re being followed, contact your fleet for help.  Stop at a secure, well-lit area.
  5. Use a padlock on trailer doors.  Sometimes the simplest solution is best.  Use professional grade locks.

2013-cargo-theft-stateIf you are hijacked

From Overdrive’s Infographic of Worst Case Scenarios.

  1. Don’t resist.
  2. Follow directions.
  3. Don’t look the hijacker in the eyes.
  4. If blindfolded, listen for accents or background noise.

Hopefully, none of these will happen to you.  It always helps to be prepared though.